Mobile VoIP

PRINCIPAL-IT unified communications solutions includes Mobile VoIP, where your mobile phone becomes your mobile office.

Mobile VoIP


Cloud Extensions

An extension type that has no physical device information. Cloud Extensions are used to configure the routing of call traffic to and from the Hosted PBX, and to provide voicemail capabilities.

Mobile Office Extensions

IP desk phone features such as Auto Attendant, Unified Mailbox, and Find Me are seamlessly integrated into mobile workers' laptops and smartphones.

Support for Softphones

Our system works beautifully with most of the popular SIP softphones available today. Softphones let you access your phone wherever you are, allowing you to be called by any telephone number. Any domestic number can be assigned to your softphone line. Softphones offer full featured phone applications that allow you to make and receive calls, transfer calls, forward calls, teleconference, and check your voicemail.

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