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Meet Principal-IT


22 years ago our founder learned the lessons of how critical IT is to the success of any business.  Faced with software obsolescence and potential capital expenses that would have threatened the existence of his employer's organization he managed to devise a Plan. That Plan pooled the necessary technology resources needed to Prepare the organization for its new predictable, scalable, reliable network.  With the Plan, and effort put in to Prepare, he created an environment to Prevent downtime, data loss, and business loss.  His experience there forged the 3P Doctrine - Plan, Prepare, Prevent.


Every customer has technology needs.  It is our responsibility to ensure we understand our customer's vision and business to integrate the right technology solutions utilizing the 3P Doctrine - Plan, Prepare, Prevent!


On both sides of the equation Principal-IT utilizes mixed environments to deliver results. We have developed over time and experiences from our customers a blended cloud based/premise based approach in managing both simplistic and complex networks.  Our view of technology as a tool for success paired with IT experience gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Our solutions make collaboration, customer interaction, growth, and security a reality.  We tame the beast and give our customers piece of mind.


How IT Works!



Need service fast? With the right Plan we respond almost immediately! When we answer the phone a solution is moments away.  Our techs are equipped with technology to remote service your network from virtually anywhere, virtually anytime.



We secure your networks, workstations, mobile devices, remote sites, and more! Software and hardware are only the beginning when it comes to addressing security and data integrity.  We look where vulnerabilities hide, and Prepare for inevitable disasters.



Assessing your network in order to create an effective, viable Plan, then implementing thoroughly so you're networks are Prepared, helps keep you in a position to Prevent a disaster.  3P Doctrine keeps it simple and easy!