Email Security

Our email protection is a cloud-based email security product that blocks spam. phishing attacks and provides AI powered phishing protection.

Our solution catches malicious emails by utilizing computer vision, AI and machine learning. Malicious actors are driven, curious, mobile, and growing smarter by the subject line, our email security adds an important layer of protection to your inbox.

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Email Security Features

Our email security offers the following services:

Computer Vision

All incoming mail is automatically checked against over two dozen computer vision and text analysis models that "see" the message much like a person would - so even very convincing forgeries are blocked.

Forgery Protection

Protects against both spear phishing and brand forgery attacks.

Easy Deployment

Deploys organization-wide in 1-2 hours.

User Friendly

"Report Phish" link in the mail sends to our security experts. HTML sanitization blocks XSS, JavaScript, CSS attacks.

Protect and Train Users

Warning banners appear directly in the email, alerting the recipient to suspicious emails.

Link Sanitization

Users who ignore warnings and click links are brought to a landing page showing additional warnings, screenshots, and an option to report.

User Friendly Warnings

Safe/Unusual/Malicious warnings let the recipient know the threat level of the email.

Computer Vision

Similar to the way reverse image search uses deep learning to classify photos, our email security uses computer vision to analyze the HTML of messages.

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